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Boardwalks, Statesville, NC

We are your go-to company when you would like to add boardwalks to your outdoor spaces in Statesville.

Boardwalks in Statesville, North Carolina
Having a boardwalk in your town or city is a great way to showcase your natural landscape while providing adequate outdoor space for residents and visitors. Whether you have a small park that you would like to create better access to or you would like to provide a beautiful walkway around one of the local lakes, having an experienced team create boardwalks for your city is important. Not only do you want these structures to stand up to the test of time, but you also want them to flow with the landscape so as not to detract from the natural surroundings.

At Blue Ridge Trail Works, we are your go-to company when you would like to add boardwalks to the outdoor spaces at your city or town. We specialize in proper grading and waterproofing, building natural surfaces for outdoor spaces, creating sustainable solutions, and implementing water management tools for boardwalks, bridges and crossings. Not only can we help you design and construct boardwalks, but we are also ready to provide routine maintenance that keeps your outdoor recreational areas looking their best from year to year.

When you are ready to add beautiful boardwalks to your parks and trails in Statesville, North Carolina, our team at Blue Ridge Trail Works is ready to assist you. We know that your recreational areas will look great and provide ample accessibility for those enjoying what your city has to offer, and you’ll continue to enjoy your beautiful parks for years to come. Contact us today to discuss your needs.