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Structural Rot Repair, Statesville, NC

We can assist you with structural rot repair, so your home in Statesville is structurally sound and looks its best.

Structural Rot Repair in Statesville, North Carolina
Finding rot in your home unexpectedly is never a good sign – and when you learn it is affecting the structure of your building, you may be worried about what to do next. How will you secure the structure of your home and maintain its appearance? At Blue Ridge Trail Works, we can assist you with structural rot repair, so your home is structurally sound and still looks its best. We use several steps to ensure your home’s structure is secure, including:

  • Remove Damaged Wood – Before beginning the process of restoring the structural elements of your building, we’ll remove the damaged wood, so we can prepare for repairs.
  • Prep the Area for Repair – We will seal off the area, so the compounds used for repair don’t affect other areas of your home.
  • Apply Repair Products – We’ll apply compounds to the area that will seal and protect the wood, so it is solid and structurally sound again.
  • Prime & Paint – Once structural rot repair is complete, we will sand, prime, and paint the area, so it matches the rest of your home.

You don’t have to worry about structural rot repair when you call us at Blue Ridge Trail Works. We will discuss your concerns for your home in Statesville, North Carolina, create a plan of action, and have your home stable and looking like new in no time. Call us today to learn more about structural rot repair and how we can assist you in preserving and stabilizing your home.