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Exterior Waterproofing, Statesville, NC

We are prepared to assist you with exterior waterproofing so you feel confident the outside of your home in Statesville is protected.

Exterior Waterproofing in Statesville, North Carolina
The exterior of your home is designed to protect the inside of your home from the elements and other outside forces. So, when the exterior of your building becomes compromised, it can be pretty frustrating trying to find a solution. Water is something that is essential for a healthy environment, but it can also be destructive and leave your home with damage. At Blue Ridge Trail Works, we understand that sometimes unexpected events occur that put your home at risk, but we are prepared to assist you with exterior waterproofing, so you feel confident the outside of your home is protected.

  • Landscape Drainage – One of the best ways we can help prevent water damage to the outside of your home is through the use of landscape drainage. We’ll create a landscape that directs water away from your home and therefore provides an excellent exterior waterproofing solution.
  • Exterior Weeping Tiles – Sometimes, your home needs a little more help when it cannot ward off water on its own. Exterior weeping tiles are an efficient and effective way to move water away from your home, protecting the walls and foundation against long-term water damage.

In addition to these exterior waterproofing options, we can also assess your home’s basement and crawlspace to determine if they may have suffered from water damage over time. This way, you achieve well-rounded results when it comes to waterproofing your home.

Contact us at Blue Ridge Trail Works today if you are interested in our exterior waterproofing services for your home in Statesville, North Carolina. Your home will be safe, clean, and dry! We look forward to working with you!